I am excited to announce I am forming Emerald Ocean Ventures (“EOV”) a group of early stage investors and operators dedicated to helping entrepreneurs distort reality to turn visions into value. EOV works to expand belief bubbles and rewire economic incentives to enable big ideas with high impact that can…

In order to coordinate the smooth transition of the ETHOS token into the Voyager token (VGX), we are introducing the rebrand partner program. Partners who have the token may receive inquiries from our team assisting them with the smooth execution of the Voyager Token rebrand.

Prior to rebranding, The ETHOS…

Wishing KDP Success in His Endeavors

Hey Ethos Fam!

There has been a lot of new developments and big changes over the last few weeks. There's one change in particular I'd like to address, which is our head of product, KDP taking the next step in his career. KDP has…

Shingo Lavine

Specialist in distorting reality to turn vision into value. Taking organizations from zero to unicorn. Investing in ideas with meaningful social impact.

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