I am excited to announce I am forming Emerald Ocean Ventures (“EOV”) a group of early stage investors and operators dedicated to helping entrepreneurs distort reality to turn visions into value. EOV works to expand belief bubbles and rewire economic incentives to enable big ideas with high impact that can benefit humanity in positive ways. EOV specializes in taking organizations from $0 to $1b and beyond with a track record of success.

Visions to Value & Time, Money and Execution

From idea to execution, Emerald Ocean Ventures will accompany organizations across the spectrum to help projects and entrepreneurs reach their goals. The idea behind EOV is to leverage…

I am pleased to announce two new things:

  • Lead plaintiff in a groundbreaking suit against the American Academy of Pediatrics (“AAP”) alleging intentional fraud in their 1989 circumcision guidance.
  • My involvement with Foregen, a leading-edge regenerative medicine non-profit

The goal of this piece is to explain why I am involved, what this means and why it matters.

Circumcision: A Solution in Search of a Problem

It has been known for quite some time that circumcision cannot be justified on medical grounds. It carries significant risks and minimal, if any, health benefits that can easily be achieved without surgery. In fact, this is the consensus among nearly the entire…

This February, I will be retiring from Voyager. It has been an incredible experience and I couldn’t be more confident in the world-class team and the bright future that the company has ahead of it. Sharing a few of my thoughts here on the journey and what comes next…

A Long Journey in a Short Time

When we first embarked on this journey nearly 5 years ago the blockchain space was very different. Bitcoin was still establishing itself, Ethereum was just getting started and mainstream adoption was still a fleeting dream for crypto enthusiasts. …

In order to coordinate the smooth transition of the ETHOS token into the Voyager token (VGX), we are introducing the rebrand partner program. Partners who have the token may receive inquiries from our team assisting them with the smooth execution of the Voyager Token rebrand.

Prior to rebranding, The ETHOS token is a highly liquid token, widely available through major global exchanges and has existing functionality and utility in live services including the Ethos Universal Wallet, Parjar, Change Now and Saturn Network. ETHOS is natively recognized and available on Blockfolio, Etherscan, BitGo and Ledger and the smart contract underlying the…

(Hint: It’s Not Bitcoin)

Why in the world would Facebook launch their own cryptocurrency?

By Shingo Lavine
Chief Innovation Officer
Voyager Digital

There have been a plethora of articles attempting to analyze and comment on Libra. But the truth is that Libra is not what most people — including politicians, technologists, investors and regulators — think it is. Is Libra a blockchain? Does Libra compete with Bitcoin… or maybe Ethereum? What are the implications of Facebook entering the payments industry?

Libra’s Whitepaper is the “Mueller Report” of Crypto: everyone is talking about it, but nobody is reading it. Libra has…

I knew from the first day that I discovered crypto that there was a truly revolutionary “Ethos” behind it. Much of the inequality and strife that occurs in the world is economically driven. We’ve seen time and time again that those with more have had unfair access and control than those with less.

Seen in examples throughout history such as the third-world debt crisis, where countries (and indirectly people) were saddled with national debt and forced into IMF austerity measures, or in 2008 where the average person was forced to pay for the mistakes of institutions that were “too big…

Wishing KDP Success in His Endeavors

Hey Ethos Fam!

There has been a lot of new developments and big changes over the last few weeks. There's one change in particular I'd like to address, which is our head of product, KDP taking the next step in his career. KDP has been an integral part of making Ethos into the organization that it is today, so I write this to honor him and give him the send off that he deserves.

Today, an announcement was released on the planned deal with Voyager. I wanted to share directly with the community about Ethos and our relationship to Voyager, the exciting road ahead, while also discussing the actual details of the article.

We want to address everyone’s questions and what this means for Ethos, the Token and the Community.

Let’s rewind back to the start of Ethos. Ethos was born out of the desire to build a financial ecosystem that was open, safe and fair for everyone to bring the ideas and philosophies of crypto to the masses and challenge the status quo…

The Hype and Promise of Blockchain Technology

If you clicked on this to see the answer, I’ll save you some time. Nope. It isn’t. Far from it.


Let’s rewind to 2013. 2013–2015 was a different time for Crypto. It was SCARY. Mt. Gox collapsed, the space was seen as a haven for bad actors and some of the largest projects and organizations in the space such as the Ethereum Foundation were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy after seeing their Bitcoin holdings crater from the then all time high to $220.

The technology in the blockchain space was nascent, confusing and unproven. Vitalik’s dream of the…

Hey Ethos community! Doing a special post here today in light of recent news of a vulnerability in some ERC20 contracts. Specifically, this bug is the batchOverflow bug outlined in this piece: https://medium.com/coinmonks/alert-new-batchoverflow-bug-in-multiple-erc20-smart-contracts-cve-2018-10299-511067db6536

All credit goes to them for finding this bug. I’ll be trying to simplify it to make it understandable and address any concerns you all may have around this bug.

Contract/Transaction in Question

Contract with the vulnerability: https://etherscan.io/address/0xc5d105e63711398af9bbff092d4b6769c82f793d#code
Transaction exploiting vulnerability: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xad89ff16fd1ebe3a0a7cf4ed282302c06626c1af33221ebe0d3a470aba4a660f

Breaking it Down — Integer Overflow

So what’s going on here? How did they send so many tokens? It essentially boils down to the age-old “integer overflow” attack. …

Shingo Lavine

Specialist in distorting reality to turn vision into value. Taking organizations from zero to unicorn. Investing in ideas with meaningful social impact.

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